Looking for some more great ways to spend time with your family before summer ends? Austin is full of so many great things to do, it can be hard to pin down that perfect day out on the town. So here's a few ideas for some of the best ways to spend the day with your family in Austin.

Congress Bridge Bats

If you love bats, then this is the place to see them. The Congress Bridge is home to the largest urban bat colony in North America at an estimated 1.5 million bats.  Hot August nights bring them out into multiple columns, so now is the perfect time to view them. It's even more stunning to view them from a boat as they contrast against the evening sky. Or you can get even closer and watch them from the bridge.

Austin Duck Adventures

This is the only land and water tour in Austin, and it will give you great views of the Texas Capitol and then on to Lake Austin where you drive straight into the water and float around before heading back. 

The Escape Game

How good are you at breaking out of prison? Test your escape skills at the top escape room in Austin.Work together with your friends to complete the mission and escape from 5 different adventures - The Heist, Gold Rush, Playground, Classified, and Prison Break.

Austin Detours

This is a great way to explore your new city if you just bought a home here. This tour gives you the scoop on living life in Austin as a local. You'll also enjoy the Live Music Crawl that shows you why Austin earned the reputation as the "Live Music Capital of the World."

Austin Wine Tours

Visit select top vineyards for a great afternoon with friends as you discover why Austin wines are some of the best in the country.

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