Free time to relax and recreate… Check! What to do…? Well, here’s a few hints.

Let’s start with Krause Springs. A great place for swimming and camping. This place sports both natural and manmade swimming areas with crystal clear waters and stunning waterfalls in many of the springs areas. Truly a special place to take a day trip to Spicewood for.

After you’ve had your fill of swimming there is a winery or two to tour. First there’s Spicewood Vineyards. You won’t regret visiting this beautiful winery and sample their many savory wines. Make some unforgettable memories!

Another fun place to visit in Spicewood is the Crystal Creek Distillery. Here they host live events, like live music. Here you’ll find great atmosphere, hospitality and delightfully tasty mixed drinks.

To get your full chill on, visit this page for a full list of fun, relaxation and recreation in Spicewood, Texas.