Pumpkins. A definite sign that fall is on your doorstep or is already falling all over it with incredible speed from your trees. Matching this beautiful end-of-summer Texas wonder with fresh homey decoration ideas is a must. One way to start is with an awesome pumpkin or two on your front porch and strategically placed saucer pumpkins or fancy gourds in windowsills to add to the effect.

Don’t forget the trees outside feverishly dropping their spring and summer growth. Now is the best time to take advantage of their seasonal molting to cozy up your home with some spectacular Texan colors, like leaf art. Don’t forget the fun variety of twigs and wild berries that can become art pieces to make entertaining fall vases and inviting DIY welcome wreaths.

Don’t forget that wood stove that’s been sitting quietly over the summer. Bring out the best for your fall as the Texas nights start getting cooler, giving you a reason to huddle around the warm and entrancing flames with friends and family to remember the good old times, and to look forward to many more to come.