Your home buying experience in Austin and Lake Travis should be one that creates great memories and excitement. The trick is to not let all that excitement get out of hand and lead to you making mistakes during the home buying process.

Here are some common home buying mistakes and how you can avoid them.

"I Saw the House Online. It's Perfect — Let's Make an Offer Before It's Gone!"

Photos are never enough to show you everything you need to know about a home. They are meant to be a preview.

Consider this:

  • Agents take photos that they want you to see. They can't show every nook and cranny.
  • You need more than just sight to truly evaluate a home. How does the home flow? What can you smell or hear?
  • Wide angle lenses are used in photos sometimes to make homes look larger.

Before you make an offer, look at the home, the yard, and the neighborhood in person.

"I Want to Buy This House. And Look, There's an Agent Right Here!"

When you go to an open house, the seller's agent is usually there to host it. You might think that's convenient. But remember that the agent represents the seller, not you.

If you start trying to negotiate with the seller agent on your own, you could compromise your negotiation. So make sure you hire a buyer's agent who will work on your behalf and help you get the best home for your needs.

"If a House Doesn't Have Everything On My List, I'm Not Looking At It."

You should make a "needs" and "wants" list of what you want in a home. But don't turn it into strightjacket. It should be a guide to help you find the home with the right balance of features.

You need to prioritize your list to make sure it guides you to the right home and not keep you from it.

Not sure what should go on your list? This worksheet can help you get your priorities straight: The Ultimate “I Wanna Buy a House" Checklist.

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