One of the many things that makes Austin Texas such a great city is its rich history.  And there’s no better place to discover the history of Texas and the rest of the world than at one of the many fine museums in Austin. From presidential history to art and military history, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s a few of the best museums in Austin to start you on a voyage of discovery.

LBJ Presidential Library

Learn all about the life and times of Texas native President Lyndon Baines Johnson in this visually stunning presidential library. Exhibits from his historic presidency include The Legacy Gallery, November 22, 1963, The Vietnam Conflict, Social Justice Gallery, The Presidential Limousine, Oval Office, The White House Years, and Humor and the Presidency.

Bullock Texas State History Museum

You’ll learn all about every aspect of Texas history at the Bullock Texas State History Museum. With one of the largest IMAX screens in Texas, you can thrill at feature Hollywood films and special IMAX presentations. The feature an ever-changing display of artifacts, documents, and photos that reveal the rich history of Texas, so you can keep coming back and learning even more each time.

Brigadier General John C. L. Scribner Texas Military Forces Museum

Discover the exciting history of Texas’ military from 1823 to 1903 when the National Guard was created. You’ll see a wide range of tanks, self-propelled guns, armored personnel carriers, jeeps, helicopters, jet fighters, trucks, and much more.