Bad habits can be hard to break. It's so easy to start a bad habit since we may not realize it's bad in the first place. When it comes to owning a home in Austin, bad habits can be costly. Here's  a few habits that would be good to break.

Taking Long, Steamy Showers

Who doesn't love a long hot shower, especially after spending a relaxing day on Lake Travis? It may be good for your body, but long showers build up steam that is also great for mold and mildew. Make sure you run the exhaust fan or open a window during and after your shower. Every few months, make sure to scrub the grout.

Compulsively Buying Bargains

When it comes to household items, it's better not to go cheap. In fact, budget buys might cost you more in the long run. Those dollar paintbrushes may look like a good buy, but they will usually leave annoying streaks, requiring a costly do-over.

And when it comes to buying appliances, spend a little more — especially if you plan on selling your home soon.

Running a Half-Full Dishwasher

Sure, it's nice to have clean dishes every morning. But if you don't do a full load, you're wasting water.

It's true that dishwashers save more water than handwashing. Yet most machines will use the same amount of water no mater how full the load is. In the end, you're wasting water and can cost more on your utility bill.


Don't go overboard with the mulch around your tree, as this can suffocate your tree, causing root rot and inviting invasive insects.

Your trees can add a lot of value to your home. Each one can add $2,000 or more to your home’s value while saving on energy costs. Protect your valuable trees by packing mulch loosely, letting water filter properly toward the trunk.

Going on a Remodeling Rampage

You don't need to launch into remodeling the moment you buy your home, unless it really needs it to be lived in. Take time once you move in to get to know your home and all of it's quirks before you renovate.

For example, lets say you remodel your kitchen, then discover the original layout would have worked better for parties. Or you pain a room your favorite color, only to discover that the natural light makes it not so much your favorite color.


It's easy for things to pile up, especially in the garage or shed. There's always that "what if" when it comes to getting rid of things we don't use. Many people use a 6-month or 1-year rule - if you don't use an item in that time, ditch it.

Decluttering can seem like such an insurmountable goal — even though every jam-packed square foot is space you can’t enjoy.

If the task seems impossible, start small.

Just remember: Breaking habits takes time and patience. But it's worth it.

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