If you're considering renting a home, you need to consider a few things to make sure you're protected.  It's easy to get attached to a home for rent or just jump into the first home that may fit your needs. But in doing so you run the risk of losing money when it comes time to move out.  Here are some ways to protect yourself.

Review the lease.

Review all of the conditions of the lease before you sign. There may be conditions that you won't accepts.  Ask questions and make sure you understand the lease.

Get everything in writing.

You can avoid disputes if you make sure all agreements are in writing, such as repairs or changes to the home. Follow verbal agreements with a letter confirming the conversation.

Protect your privacy rights.

Know your rights regarding how much notice a landlord has to give before entering your home.

Demand repairs.

Landlords are required to offer their tenants livable premises, including adequate weatherproofing, heat, water, and electricity, along with clean, sanitary, and structurally safe premises. 

Talk to your landlord.

Make sure to discuss any issues openly with your landlord and try to resolve issues verbally without legal action.

Purchase renter's insurance.

Your possessions are not protected by your landlord's insurance. Renter's insurance typically costs less than $20 per month and covers loss due to theft, fire, or natural disasters.

You can't foresee every possible issue when you rent a home, but these tips will help prevent any issues that may arise. Check back on our blog for more real estate tips.