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Important Repairs to Make Before Selling Your Home

by Rebecca Shahan

As a smart home seller, you want to make sure your home is in the best shape possible. On the other hand, you don't want to spend too much on improvements and make less of a profit when you sell your home. You need to concentrate on making the most important repairs to make sure your home sells for a higher price.

What repairs should you make when you sell your home?

Fix Damaged Flooring

When flooring wears out, it can really detract from the appeal of an otherwise fine home. Bad flooring might even turn some buyers away right off the bat. So if your flooring is showing signs of age or damage, the easy fix is to replace or repair it.

Refinishing hardwood floors may be expensive, around $3000, but you will make that up in the sale.

You should also replace old flooring for new hardwood. Expect to spend about $5,000. But you will get back about 90% when you sell your home. Even if you can't afford these fixes, any amount of flooring repair will help.

Fix Water Stains

Even if you've learned to deal with any plumbing issues, most buyer's won't. Water stains are a tell-tale sign of plumbing problems.

Hire a good plumber to look for leaks and drainage issues. No matter what you spend, it will be cheaper than losing a sale.

Erase Pet Damage

Did your (sort of) darling kitten scratch your bedroom door? Fix the damage before listing your home. Otherwise, buyers may consider the scuffs a canary in the coal mine.

Refinishing a door costs between $100 and $215 (or less, if you're willing to DIY). Replacing pet-damaged carpeting or hardwood may be a bigger job than buffing out some scuffs — but it's worth the cash.

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Home Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself

by Rebecca Shahan

Owning a home can be a pain at times. Home repairs can be expensive and at times, highly inconvenient. It might seem like a good idea to do a DIY on that annoying repair, but some fixes are better left to the pros. Here's a few examples for you to consider.

Electrical Repairs

Electrical repairs are at the top of the list. You might think calling in your relative or friend who's a "great handyman" to do the repair for you, but often that can cause more problems or dangers than it will solve. Electricians can be expensive, but that is because they've spent many years studying and training to get the job done safely for you and them.

Basement Makeover

A basement renovation might seem like a dream come true to a DIYer, but the basement is a very important part of a homes structure and mistakes, some possibly fatal, could occur. Even if it isn't fatal, it could wind up costing you far more than you bargained for.

Fun with Plumbing

Plumbing issues. Not a whole lot of fun to deal with one every day, leaving you tempted to take care of it yourself. You might think too, that plumbing, along with simple electrical repairs will be a walk in the park, but a fix done wrong can cause serious damage. To your home and wallet. So try calling a plumber. Why else are there at least a dozen in every town?

Gas Appliances

When it comes to gas appliances it could literally be an explosive situation if an appliance is not fixed and reconnected correctly during a repair. Similar to electrical repairs, if not done right, you could cause a leak, which could create major health problems and even a fire or explosion in your home or worse. So when it come to your gas appliances, don't DIY. Call a professional.

When it comes to health, safety and caring for your home, erring on the side of caution is always the best option.

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