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Recreational Activities in Spicewood, Texas

by Rebecca Shahan

Free time to relax and recreate… Check! What to do…? Well, here’s a few hints.

Let’s start with Krause Springs. A great place for swimming and camping. This place sports both natural and manmade swimming areas with crystal clear waters and stunning waterfalls in many of the springs areas. Truly a special place to take a day trip to Spicewood for.

After you’ve had your fill of swimming there is a winery or two to tour. First there’s Spicewood Vineyards. You won’t regret visiting this beautiful winery and sample their many savory wines. Make some unforgettable memories!

Another fun place to visit in Spicewood is the Crystal Creek Distillery. Here they host live events, like live music. Here you’ll find great atmosphere, hospitality and delightfully tasty mixed drinks.

To get your full chill on, visit this page for a full list of fun, relaxation and recreation in Spicewood, Texas.

Austin Golf Course Communities Offer Gracious Living

by Rebecca Shahan

Whether you love to golf or just love the luxury lifestyle associated with it, there's a perfect home waiting for you in Austin area golf course communities. You'll find a home in a community with the finest amenities, amazing courses, and stunning surroundings. Let us help you start your search for the ideal home on the course of your choice today.

Here's two of the golf course communities in the Austin area we are proud to serve. Please make sure the visit our Golf Course Communities & Homes in Austin TX page for a more complete list.

Spanish Oaks

Set around the #3 golf course in Texas, the stunning homes of Spanish Oaks compliment the beautiful surroundings.

The Hills

This upscale gated community is located in the beautiful Texas Hills near Lake Travis, featuring four challenging golf courses,16 tennis courts, pool, and fitness center.

Protecting Yourself From the Equifax Breech

by Rebecca Shahan

Other than natural disasters, the big news this week is about the disaster of the massive data theft of 143 million consumer’s personal data from national credit bureau Equifax.  This is a situation that is expected to affect a lot of lives, especially home buyers and mortgage applicants. Why?

Most American with a credit history could have addresses, Social Security numbers, driver’s license and credit card numbers stolen.  These could be made available to the highest bidders on the Dark Web. 

Since there is a significant amount of information on file at the credit bureaus for home buyers and mortgage applicants, this group is especially at risk. This could cause serious problems down the road, especially during the buying process.

But don’t worry, as you can take steps to protect your identity and credit.  You can lock down your credit files with fraud alerts or credit file freezes, which will prevent people from opening accounts in your name and will prevent them from getting credit reports.

The FTC has helpful information on identify-theft countermeasures at And if you’re thinking of doing a freeze, a good site is You can also get free, three-bureau credit monitoring service being offered by Equifax at The most important first step is to check your three credit reports for free at and see whether anyone has compromised your accounts.

Yearly Home Maintenance Tips

by Rebecca Shahan

Every year your house takes a beating, especially this year for those of us in Texas. But no matter how bad the weather is, it's always a good idea to check a few things around the house once a year to make sure you don't have to pay for larger repair bills later. Here's a couple of things you can check right now that will help preserve your home and reduce costs.

Change the HVAC air filters

You should really do this one once a month. The dirtier your filters are, the higher your energy costs can be and lead to more expensive repairs down the road.  And this is an easy one to do. Just buy a replacement filter available at most hardware stores and just replace it. You should also have a professional check your system each year to make sure it's tuned up and in good repair.

Service Yard Equipment

Change the oil and filters on lawn equipment and install new blades if needed. Check the owners manual to perform any suggested maintenance. Drain the gas tank before storing equipment for the season, but don't drain it completely. Instead use a premium gasoline without ethanol but with a gas preservative. Just before you store it, fill the tank with this mix.

Displaying blog entries 1-4 of 4