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Cool Down This Summer With The Lake Travis Pub Crawl

by Rebecca Shahan

Need a great way to cool down this summer? When you combine cool water and great food and drink, you're in for a great time. 

Lake Travis is perfect setting for the restaurants and pubs that dot the coastline.  Not only do these restaurants have spectacular views, but you can access most of them by boat. So why not fire up the boat and take a delicious and refreshing Lake Travis On the Water Pub / Restaurant Crawl? There are 8 restaurants and pubs you can get to by boat on Lake Travis. You can stop for drinks at one of them, then food at the next.  Then top off the evening with live music at most of these venues. Here’s a few of the great dining experiences you can look forward to enjoying on the lake.

Volente Beach Restaurant & Waterpark

If you’re out with the whole family, pull into the private dock for the perfect blend of food and fun. You can enjoy burgers, chicken sandwiches, fresh-made pizza, great salads, wings, entrees such as pan-fried snapper, Ahi Tuna or MMMac n Cheese. Or have a drink at the full bar with lake views, along with live music. The whole family can have fun at the waterpark, featuring thrilling rides and a pirate themes park for the kids to explore. Then you can relax in the Lazy Lagoon featuring a waterfall fountain.

Shack 512

Enjoy Southern cuisine in this relaxing Hill Country setting.  This casual outdoor venue lets you indulge in the extraordinary panoramic views of the Lake Travis and the hills. Pull into the courtesy walk and it’s just a short walk up the ramp.

Cedar Street Dockside

Located just 3 miles southwest past Starnes Island and the infamous Devil’s Cove, this floating restaurant and bar features a large dock to accommodate all diners.  Dine indoors or outside while enjoying  live music and dancing.

The Oasis

As the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas, The Oasis has certainly gained a reputation for amazing food and equally splendid sunset views as “the Sunset Capital of Texas.”  You’re guaranteed spectacular dining with the outdoor seating in this venue located 450 feet above Lake Travis. When the sunset bell rings, get out your camera to capture the gorgeous sunset.  With live music on 2 stages, it’s the perfect way to top off your restaurant crawl experience.

There’s more to Lake Travis than meets the eye.  Make sure to check back on our blog for more great things to do in Lake Travis and Austin. You can search for the perfect home on our website using our powerful home search tools. You can also get free listing alerts of homes as they hit the market at And you can always feel free to call us at 512-657-4467​ to talk to an experienced agent today.​

Now that you've bought the perfect home in Lake Travis, you no doubt want to get the most of your new home. If you have a back yard, you have a perfect place to spend time relaxing and enjoying your home.

What are some ways you can make your back yard a place to unwind and enjoy the great outdoors?

Let the backyard staycations begin with these ideas:

Al-Fresco Dining

A wood-fired oven is a great way to cook up a fresh meal in your back yard. You might think it's only for pizza, but you can cook up any meat, veggie, or bread, making this a full-on outdoor oven. Low-maintenance hardscaping means you can focus on your party, instead of mowing grass.

You can grow some veggies in your garden and prep them in an outdoor cooking island with a built-in grill and treat yourself to the freshest cuisine around for your backyard staycation.

Even better, since the entire ground area is pea gravel, you can spend less time mowing and more time dining.

But does it add value? Outdoor living and cooking spaces almost always add value. As do low-maintenance hardscaping features — like the patio.

An Outdoor Room Just for Leisure

Spend Saturday afternoon napping in your outdoor space — not laboring over it. Easy-care plants look lush with minimal intervention, including ground cover and stone to replace grass.

Install horizontal privacy fencing, and you're ready for one legendary siesta (adorable dog recommended, but not required).

But does it add value? See above about outdoor rooms (and the lovely plants definitely boost it, too). Win-win.

A Yard for Playing

You don't have to give up playing in the backyard just because you're an adult. Make your yard a grown-up rec center with a fire pit and bocce ball court (or cornhole, ladder ball, even giant Jenga).

Wood-paneled privacy fencing elevates the adults-only aesthetic, and low-maintenance gravel keeps the focus on fun instead of maintenance.

But does it add value? Seriously doubt it (except for the fence). But it's your yard. Remember, joy is an ROI of a different sort. Plus, the court is easy enough to erase with some basic landscaping (always a good value add).

Looking to buy a home in Lake Travis and Austin? Our home search tool can help you find the perfect home for sale. And check back on our blog every week for more helpful articles about living in Lake Travis and Austin.

Tips on Selling Your Home to Younger Buyers

by Rebecca Shahan

More and more these days, younger home buyers are hitting the market.  Young professionals and families are finding more options for helping them buy a home.  As such, when you sell your home, you need to keep this younger audience in mind.  It's highly likely that when you sell your home, it will be to someone younger than 40. How can you make your home appeal to this growing market?  Here's a few tips.

Using Neutral Colors

The younger crowd is no longer into the gold or pink walls you painted 10 years ago.  Paint the walls a more neutral color.  This will allow potential buyers to envision their own accent colors and furniture to make it their own.

White Cabinets

White or off-white cabinets appeal more to buyers under 40.  They don't want to be reminded of the dark cabinets of yesteryear.  You might try Benjamin Moore's Advance paint, as it requires little prep work.

Stainless Steel Appliances

Old appliances can be a big turnoff for younger buyers.  Many love stainless steel appliances, and for good reason.  If you have it in your budget, consider updating your appliances if they look dated.

Updated Countertops

Young buyers really love granite and stone countertops.  But keep it simple.  Don;t go with busy designs.  Black countertops or designs that are simple are the best.

Sell your home in Lake Travis and Austin fast! Start by getting a FREE home valuation. And check back on our blog every week for more helpful articles about living in Lake Travis and Austin.

Send Your Kids Back to the Best High Schools in Austin

by Rebecca Shahan

Choosing the right school for your high school aged kids can be difficult. You want to make sure the get the best send-off into their adult life. If you plan to buy a home in Austin, there are many great high schools to chose from. In fact, some of these schools rate the best in the whole state of Texas and all of America! Websites such as have compiled lists of the best schools in America based on a wide range of criteria. Here's a list of some of the 2019 Best Public High Schools in the Austin Area to help you find a school that's right for your kids.

Liberal Arts & Science Academy

  • #11 Best Public Highs School in America
  • #5 Best Magnet High Schools in America
  • #1 Best Magnet Highs Schools in Texas
  • #1 Best Public High Schools in Texas
  • #1 Best Public High School Teachers in Texas
  • #1 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Texas

Liberal Arts & Science Academy has 1,111 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 17 to 1. According to state test scores, 99% of students are at least proficient in math and 99% in reading. One happy student comments "LASA is a fun, unique school filled with people from a bunch of different backgrounds. There's a great community among the students and teachers (who are themselves eccentric and talented educators who make classes as interesting and thought-provoking as they can) that helps build a network of learning throughout the school."

Homes For Sale Near Liberal Arts & Science Academy

Westlake High School

  • #2 Best Public High Schools in Austin
  • #5 Best Public High Schools in Texas
  • #4 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Texas
  • #7 Best High Schools for STEM in Texas

Westlake High School has 2,659 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. According to state test scores, 93% of students are at least proficient in math and 96% in reading. A student who was thrilled with Westlake says "Westlake is THE best school in Texas hands down. The academics are rigorous and challenging. Teachers are accessible to the students for tutoring or outside help. The campus is always warm and inviting, and the athletics here is a perennial powerhouse!"

Homes For Sale Near Westlake High School

Westwood High School

  • #1 Best Public High Schools in Williamson County
  • #6 Best College Prep Public High Schools in Texas
  • #8 Best Public High Schools in Texas

Westwood High School has 2,678 students in grades 9-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 16 to 1. According to state test scores, 89% of students are at least proficient in math and 89% in reading. One young man who graduated 10 years ago says "As a graduate of Westwood High School in the last 10 years who is currently in a medical field graduate program, I can say that this school prepared me well for a rigorous course load in my undergraduate career, in a STEM Master's program and now in a medical field Doctoral program."

Homes For Sale Near Westwood High School

Find the home that's right for your family in Austin and Lake Travis. And check back on our blog every week for more helpful articles about living in Lake Travis and Austin.

How to Get Stains & Grease Off Walls

by Rebecca Shahan

You're getting ready to sell your home in Austin, and now you need to paint the walls and freshen up the place. But upon close inspection, you see all that grime and grease that's too tough to clean with a standard vinegar wash.

What are some ways to get rid of those grease stains, watermarks, and kids’ crayon and ink wall art?

Kitchen Grease on Walls

Kitchens are notorious for grease stains. It's almost impossible to keep grease of  the walls and cabinets. And of course, grease invites more dirt.

The solution is sitting right on your sink - dish soap.

For small stains, mix: 1/4 teaspoon of soap in a cup of warm water, and wipe. Rinse with clean water, and blot until dry. Clean stubborn grease stains with solution of 1/3 cup of white household vinegar with 2/3 cup of water.

Dirt and Grime Buildup

We don't need anything other than our own bodies to get oil on everything. We have it coming out of our finders all the time, and it builds up.

A wall eraser easily wipes away these stains. Wet the sponge and rub gently to avoid taking bits of paint off with the stain.

Or make your own homemade wall cleaning sponge:

  • 1 cup ammonia,
  • 1/2 cup white distilled or apple cider vinegar
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • one gallon of warm water.

Wipe the solution over walls with a sponge (or cloth), and rinse with water.


Here's another use for a wall eraser. But if that doesn't work, try this:

  • Rub marks with toothpaste (not gel).
  • Erase marks with an art gum or a pencil eraser; use a circular motion.
  • Swipe marks with baby wipes.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on a damp sponge and scrub marks.

Permanent Marker

The word "permanent" certainly applies to markers. But you can still get rid of most of these marks.

Soak a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and dab the stain. Or spray marks with hairspray, then wipe drips.


An interesting way to get rid of ballpoint ink is with shaving cream. But you can also use nail polish remover, or dry-cleaning solvents. Make sure you open windows when using cleaning solvents and polish remover.


Mildew is a fungus that eats soap scum and body oil. To remove from walls, spray with vinegar water: 1 tablespoon white vinegar to 1 quart water. Also, try an enzyme laundry detergent; follow the pre-treating directions on the label. Blot it on the stain, and then rinse thoroughly with water.

Water Stains

After you’ve solved the problem that caused the water stains, rinse with a solution of 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water to prevent mold and mildew from growing. Thoroughly dry with a hairdryer or fans. If bleaching doesn’t remove water stains, you’ll have to repaint. Prime the walls with a stain-killing primer.

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Summer Fun Continues in Lake Travis and Asutin

by Rebecca Shahan

Are you and the kids getting bored with summer yet? There's no reason to sit around the house with all the fun events and activities going on in lake Travis, Austin and the surroundning area this month. Here's a few upcoming events that will keep your whole family entertained this month.

Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures
Lake Travis Waterloo Adventures

“The Ultimate Lake Experience” is this fun-filled floating water park and obstacle course, with access to a beautifully landscaped private resort-style beach. Spend the day playing beach games, swimming, and exploring the additional water attractions in the Aqua Park area.

Paramount Theatre presents Summer Classic Film Series
Stateside at the Paramount
Through 8/31

The Paramount Summer Classic Film Series, now in its 44th year, will feature more than 100 films, including well-preserved film prints and dazzling digital restorations, romance and laughs and thrills, and more.

SRE Promotions presents Corvette Invasion
Bastrop Convention & Exhibit Center
July 19

Corvette lovers will unite at this three-day Corvette Invasion. The event begins begins with a "meet and greet." Then there will be a Corvette Car Show and award ceremony, and the first 300 registered Corvettes will invade the Main Street. Also make sure to check out local music, shopping, and restaurants. 

Float Fest
July 20

Float Fest is an annual two-day music festival that will take place in and around the Guadalupe River. Watch performances as you float in tubes in the river. erformers at the 2019 edition will include Major Lazer, Portugal the Man, Gucci Mane, Kaskade, Zeds Dead, Ice Cube, Big Gigantic, The Flaming Lips,and more.

There's more fun in store this summer in Austin and Lake Travis, so make sure to check back every week on our blog for more local articles, along with helpful real estate advice. You can search for the perfect home on our website using our powerful home search tools. You can also get free listing alerts of homes as they hit the market at And you can always feel free to call us at 512-657-4467​ to talk to an experienced agent today. 

Lawn Care Tips for the Heat of the Summer

by Rebecca Shahan

We all know how hot it can get in the summer, with July generally being the hottest month. Keeping your lawn looking good during the summer can be a challenge, but with some simple tips, you can beat the heat on your landscaping.

Here are three tasks to help your yard and home keep their good looks:

Mow High

Longer grass provides more shade for the ground, which helps your lawn retain precious water. It also saves time since you have to mow it less.

Raise your mower blade by 3 inches or higher for cool-season lawns, and 2 to 3 inches for warm-season varieties.

And leave the clippings: they'll help keep grass cool and fed. Plus you'll save money by not buying commercial fertilizers.

Remove Damaged Branches

Make sure that you don't have any diseased or dead branches that can break off during a summer storm and damage your home.

Top Off Mulch

A little extra mulch around trees and shrubs will keep them healthy and lush by helping roots retain moisture during hot summer days. It's worth the extra effort because your trees add value to your home while cutting cooling costs.

Water Wisely

Lawns need about an inch of water and more if the heat is severe. Water deeply and less frequently to encourage drought-tolerant roots. And water early in the day to reduce evaporation.

Check back on our blog twice a week for more real estate news, ideas, and local events in Austin and Lake Travis. You can search for the perfect home on our website using our powerful home search tools. You can also get free listing alerts of homes as they hit the market at And you can always feel free to call us at 512-657-4467​ to talk to an experienced agent today. 

3 Solutions to Handle Outdoor Clutter

by Rebecca Shahan

It can be so easy to just toss any outdoor item in the garage and call it good.

But it may be time to think outside the garage. Here's some ways that you can reduce the clutter in your garage. It will help simplify your life, as well as help you sell your home for more.

Tuck Storage Under Your Deck

If you have a higher deck, you can use the space underneath for outdoor tools and equipment. You can also enclose it if it's not already enclosed and add doors to keep things out of view. It's a great way to get rid of garage clutter.

The thing to keep in mind is that this will protect your stuff from the sun, but not moisture. Make sure your items can handle a little moisture.

For a lower deck, you can use storage drawers instead.

This is a great way to store outdoor fun items such as pool equipment, yard games, and coolers, making it easy to grab what you need for summer fun.

Build a Fence With Built-Ins

A fence with built-ins is just like having an indoor wall with built-ins. And when you do this with a fence, you get more privacy, security, and storage - a 3-in one deal.

Add a Purpose-Built Shed

Think about what you need the most with outdoor storage, then build a shed to fir your purpose. A pre-fab shed may not be the best solution, and it could become another place where clutter builds up.

Check back on our blog twice a week for more real estate news, ideas, and local events in Austin and Lake Travis. You can search for the perfect home on our website using our powerful home search tools. You can also get free listing alerts of homes as they hit the market at And you can always feel free to call us at 512-657-4467​ to talk to an experienced agent today. 

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