How much is a view of Lake Travis worth to you?The amazing views in the Lake Travis area are certainly what draws people to move here. But the real question is how much it’s worth to you to see those amazing views of the hills, water, or other scenic features from your front window? What you need to decide is how extra you’re willing to pay for a stunning view.

According to appraisers and analysts, there’s no simple answer. “Views are actually really difficult to quantify. It’s somewhat subjective,” according to Principal data scientist Andy Krause at Greenfield Advisors.  “What makes a better water view? Do you want it to be wider? Do you want more of the water from a taller angle? You know, some of that is in the eye of the beholder.”

And that’s a great thing to consider when it comes to living in a location like Lake Travis. What kind of view matters the most to you?

If a view is a must have for your next home in the Lake Travis area, here’s a couple of tips.

Is the view protected?

In Houston, a homeowner sued after a high-rise office tower was built across the street. Not only did the office block their view, but workers could see their back yard and pool. Were they protected from this intrusion? As it turns out, no. With some basic research, they would have seen that the area was zoned for such a building, and so the lawsuit was dismissed. How can you avoid this happening to you?  Make sure to check with planning authorities about zoning near your home and if there’s any large projects planned where your view is going to be.

Find a Great View with a Not As Great House

What if you find a house with a great view, but the windows are smaller and don’t show off the scenery? This may be a great opportunity, as you can pay less for the home and then spend money later for a remodel to add larger windows or perhaps a rooftop deck. Make sure you check the deed for restrictions as well as homeowner association rules, if any.

What could be better than a home with a spectacular view of the Lake Travis area? If you’re looking to buy a home in Lake Travis, whether it’s a view of the lake, or just a regular view, we can help you find the perfect home. You can also search for your dream home now using our convenient home search tool.